Unreal Engine Training Bootcamps.

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India’s 1st Unreal Engine Training Studio

Select from one of our curated learning paths to bring your team into the real-time revolution.

These courses are aimed at artists, developers, and creatives who want to shape their future with the Unreal Engine.

Our learning paths are fully built courses that will take you from Unreal Engine Novice to Expert.

With more than 40 years of collective experience with Unreal Engine, we have curated courses that guide you all the way through the learning process, optimizing for your individual needs and making sure you hit the necessary goals. At the end of this journey, you will be able to:

  • Work Independently on Unreal Engine without Supervision
  • Articulate the workflows for your key objectives and goals that you are looking to accomplish with the software
  • Work collaboratively with other people using Unreal Engine
  • Be confident in your ability to learn new techniques by studying tutorials independently

Our cross-training methods allow you to leverage your existing CG knowledge and seamlessly transfer your existing workflows to Unreal’s next-gen real-time pipeline.

Why Green Rain

What Makes Our Trainings Different

Premier Authorized Center

We're India's first Premier Authorized training center.

Expert Trainers

Learn from the experts themselves.

Live Weekly Trainings

Our trainings take place online & weekly.

Beginner Friendly

You can follow our trainings no matter your background.

Work On Live Virtual Machines

Have a slow system? We can also train you on AWS Virtual Machines.


Clear doubts, ask questions. Learn with us, not from us.