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India’s First Unreal Engine Premier Authorized Training Center.

We are a team driven by high-quality execution and innovative problem-solving. We are team of 35+ people and our Unreal engine experience spans across programming in C++ to rendering final pixels.. This combined with a synergistic relationship based approach in working with our customers and partners is a catalyst in transitioning organizations to real-time technologies.

Green Rain is excited to be India’s first Unreal Engine Premier Authorized Training Center. We have already trained 100+ organizations to help them begin their real-time journeys.

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We are honored to be empowering the virtual creators of tomorrow. We have trained over 40 major studios across Asia and launched them on their real-time journeys.

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Unreal Engine Fundamentals

Topic: Unreal Fundamentals
Concluded.  Monday, Jul 18, 2022
Topic: Sequencer Fundamentals
Concluded.  Monday, Jul 25, 2022
Topic: Materials Fundamentals
Upcoming.  Monday, Aug 1, 2022
Topic: Asset Import Pipeline
Upcoming.  Monday, Aug 8, 2022
Topic: Lighting Fundamentals
Upcoming.  Monday, Aug 15, 2022
Topic: Optimization Fundamentals
Upcoming.  Monday, Aug 22, 2022
Topic: Level Design
Upcoming.  Monday, Aug 29, 2022

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