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India’s Premier Creative Technology Studio and Gold Tier Training Center.

Green Rain is a leading creative technology studio and training center in Mumbai, India. As India’s first Unreal Engine Training Partner To Receive Gold Tier Certification, we specialize in immersive technology and 3D content creation. Our mission is to blur the lines between the real and virtual worlds through high-quality execution and innovative problem-solving.

Our team of 35+ experts provides industry-focused solutions for XR, live events, location-based entertainment, simulations, virtual production, game development, animation, and 3D content creation. We have already trained over 100 organizations, helping them embark on their real-time technology journeys. Join us in exploring the future of immersive experiences.

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We are honored to be empowering the virtual creators of tomorrow. We have trained over 40 major studios across Asia and launched them on their real-time journeys.

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We're scheduling sessions for June and July. Drop in your email address, we'll reach out to you the moment we schedule a training!