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As a team driven by high-quality execution and innovative problem-solving we have developed into India’s Unreal Engine leaders. We are team of 35+ people and our Unreal engine experience spans across programming in C++ to rendering final pixels. We use our vast expertise as the catalyst in transitioning studios across Asia into virtual production and real time workflows.

We have already trained over 100 organizations in how to begin their real-time journeys. We invite you to take the ‘Red Pill’ and come join the real-time revolution.

We Are Green Rain.

A Thriving Technology & Media Studio.

We use the power of Unreal Engine to bring Studios into the real time revolution. Being India’s first Premier Authorized Unreal Engine training center puts us in a unique position to leverage our collective Unreal Engine expertise to consult studios on a portfolio of projects.

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[ our mission ]

To bridge the gap between imagination and reality.

By empowering creators to leverage the full force of Unreal Engine. We're on a journey to educate and empower India’s creative artists, technologists, and programmers across media & entertainment, enterprise applications, to create immersive experiences.

Our North Star

The Values That Guide Us

Fulfill your Innovative Spirit and Scratch your I=itch to Optimize

We see a problem as an opportunity indisguise. Green Rainers often feelthat they might be the one with a solution. A GreenRainer knows the value of optimization ismanyfold and therefore is always looking for the bestpossible path to their destination or goal.

Practice Kaizen and the intuitive love for excellence

We adopt a holistic view, one thatincludes themselves in the picture theysee. A Green Rainer understands the value of improvingoneself and all by-products; ideas,creations, skills, and beyond are all subsequentlyelevated by improving upon the self.Therefore, ‘Kaizen’; the japanese word for continuallyimproving oneself, is a fundamentalunderstanding that the matrix is always changing,things are always moving forward and inorder to stay relevant one must continually be improvingoneself, and have the desire for selfimprovement.

Think About and Commit to the Long Haul

We prioritize thus that the goals ofthe short term are in harmony withthose of the long term. We are able to balance theimmediate needs with the vision for thefuture, and to think and make decisions so that theywill pay off over a significant period of time.This includes being able to plan for the future, setlong term goals, and strategize so that seedsplanted today will grow to sizable orchards with enoughcare over time.

Deliver on Promises

We understand that when they commit to an idea, project, goal or line ofcode that it is very important to deliver results on those promises. This is how over time a‘Rainer’ develops trust with their business partners,colleagues and collaborators. A GreenRainer has thoughtfully considered the plausibilitiesbefore committing to a promise andtherefore has full confidence as challenges appearthat those promises will be delivered upon.This will manifest for our organization over timea reputation of quality and trust.

Be Transparent and Always Take the Red Pill

Green Rainers are keen to communicate effectively,openly, honestly, reliably and transparently. Green Rain therefore maintains a high level of efficiency and effectiveness thanks to clear, effective, transparent communication. Regardless of the form or medium of communication, Green Rainers are transparent within the organization so we may consequently be transparent with our external partners.

Be A (Compassionate) Leader

Rainers build themselves up to be strong leaders. Green Rain, as an organization that leads the media technology industry in Asia, we as Rainers aim to build each one of us into effective leaders. A Rainer has a natural ability to sense when to take on more responsibility and when to hold off. Rainers enjoy often going above and beyond. Yet, we are not a company that supports individual performance at the expense of team effectiveness. We are able to take calculated, well informed decisions and risks on behalf of the company and continue to do so without developing an ‘I am the Chosen One’ ego.

Ubuntu: Do What is Right for the Whole

Ubuntu meaning, “I am because we are,” is the understanding that we are only as strong as the group we are a part of. Without our teammates, we wouldn’t have a seat at the table. Green Rain is an integral player in the media industry which is famously an industry that requires a very high level of collaboration and partnerships. Therefore Green Rain is composed of individuals that value the opinions of others. Rainers prioritize getting “buy-in” from their teammates and other stakeholders and proactively seeks their input. Rainers are able to gauge the impact any decision may have on their stakeholder and work hard to achieve alignment amongst all stakeholders. This does not mean that we always agree with each other, sometimes being able to see what is right for the whole can have different perspectives, and this might mean standing your ground and committing to defend what is best for the team. The Rainer ultimately understands that we are stronger together and works to empower those around them.

Extend Your Most Hospitable Self

Rainers can work backwards from what their immediate customer wants. Rainers work to optimize customer experience. A ‘HR Manager’s customer may not be the business’ client but the employees that they manage. This is about empathetic customer service and applying it to all your stakeholders; employees, customers, supervisors, and other shareholders - depending on what the circumstances are. Be smart, proactive, empathetic and understanding and apply the best practices of even the hospitality industry and elevate your customer’s experience so they walk away with maximum satisfaction and the highest chance of coming back.

Be Actively Inclusive

The Rainer includes. The Rainer patiently, and quietly includes their employees, colleagues, co-workers, other communities, and people from different backgrounds because the Rainer knows the value that having diversity of perspective adds. Being proactive about dismissing biases bodes well for business. We must as Rainers actively go out of our way to seek out high quality people of all backgrounds and walks of life so we may collect a diverse set of perspectives that will strengthen our business and processes in the long haul. We must not only invite them to the party but actively create opportunities for them to also join us at the table. This includes going out of your way to invite that colleague you’ve never spoken to before to lunch, and to saying ‘hi’ to someone that you may not recognise while going down the hallway. Here at Green Rain we see the value in making our imagined realities inclusive.

Rise Above the Code

Making snappy decisions can often backfire. Although, it can often be difficult to be absolutely clear on what the path forward must be, we must rise above the noise and haste of our industry so as to discover what the best next step is. We encourage moving quickly but not rushing as much as possible. The best way to do this is to maintain one’s sense of awareness. Being aware of one’s strengths and weaknesses, being aware of how the customer is evolving, where the market is headed, and what your teammates are thinking are some examples of areas in which it really helps to be aware. This does not imply looking for every possible related data point before making a decision, on the contrary it is possible for one to overly prioritize data to the point where it overly delays a decision. The goal is to be well informed and also, self aware so that you are empowered to act decisively, confidently and not be forced into making rash or short sighted decisions. The Rainer does not act or adopt choices purely out of conformity but highly values creating distance between external circumstances and trends to find the best-fit solution for their specific team. Sometimes this requires scheduling time to meditate on one’s circumstances, thoughts, feelings and instincts to rise above the noise. Rainers rise to create a better, more inspiring, more empowering reality for ourselves and our stakeholders.

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India’s First Premier Authorized Unreal Engine Training Center.
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